Context + Experience

For us it’s never just a product, a performance or a logo, and we believe that the experience is what is remembered and valued. Our team focuses on creating graphics, installations, spaces and new media content, to create engaging multi-platform experiences that are user centric and contextual.

Innovation + Quality

At Shift, we strive for innovation and quality. Our focus lies on delivering beyond expectations. Our dream projects are ones where we have an opportunity to brainstorm and strategize with the client on the best approach in creating absolutely memorable user experiences.

Our favourite clients are the ones that use the phrase “This is what we want to achieve, we have a few ideas, but are open to hearing what you can come up with.”

Converging + Experimental

We are always ready to experiment and eager to take on projects that are challenging. Especially the ones that give us an opportunity to push ourselves beyond the standard definitions of space design, graphics and media. We believe, that the more these definitions overlap, the better the outcome.